Premium Lawn Service



Premium Lawn Service includes all of the features of the Deluxe Lawn Service PLUS Monthly Weed Control Applications for Flower Beds, Utility Areas, and Hardscapes.

Prevention is optimal vs. post-issue care.  The Premium package applications are scheduled consistent with the Deluxe Lawn monthly application(s) to effectively control weeds in both the lawn and non-lawn areas.  One-time or recurring Bed Clean service is offered to remove any residual weeds/debris in the beds.

To take your Premium Lawn Service to the next level, you may wish to consider Core Aeration, which loosens and aerates the soil to allow for maximum effectiveness of irrigation, fertilization, and weed control.  Alternatively, the De-Thatch service is also offered, which simply removes organic material that has accumulated at or near the ground surface.  The accumulated material inhibits access to light, irrigation, and absorption of fertilizer, or other supplements, and may provide a conducive environment for lawn pests and disease.

Premium Lawn Service Frequency Option

Premium Lawn Service is available Weekly and Bi-Weekly service.


Premium Lawn Service is inclusive of Deluxe Lawn Service plus the addition of Flower Bed and Utility Area Weed Control Applications.  The price is inclusive of the treatments and the quoted price includes the cost in Weekly or Bi-Weekly prices.  Premium Lawn Service includes up to a 25% Discount on regular fertilization and weed control treatment pricing.


With your purchase of any service, you will also gain 24/7 access to your Client Service Portal.  The Portal provides a documented history of our services.  Service history, payment processing, and service issues can be managed via the Portal.

No Contracts

We do not require contracts.  You may cancel, suspend, downgrade or change frequency at any time.

Note:  See our Service Terms and Conditions page for additional information.

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