Service Terms & Conditions

Q1. What forms of payment are accepted?

A1. We accept payment exclusively by credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) using AutoPay.

Q2. How and when do I pay by credit/debit card?

A2. Payments will be processed using AutoPay after services are completed unless a prepayment condition exists.

Q3. What is AutoPay?

A3. AutoPay is a simply having a credit card on file that is used to automatically process a charge for invoices.  The card information is maintained utilizing the Self Service Client Portal.  Use of AutoPay is required to establish an account with Lakehill Lawn.

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Q1.  What happens if my credit card is declined after service is completed?

A1.  You will receive a Credit Card Failure email notice via email.  The email will provide a link to update your credit card information.  The Client Portal is available 24/7 to maintain your card information.

Q2. Is there a fee for credit card failure?

A2. Not if a valid replacement is updated and the outstanding balance is cleared within two (2) days of the failure.  After 2 days, a $5 Fee is charged.

Q3. What are the consequences if I am unable to update my credit card?

A3. If a valid credit card is not on file, we will be unable to continue service and applicable credit card failure fees, late fees, and interest will apply to outstanding balances.  If you are unable to provide a replacement card, you may arrange an alternate payment method by contacting us via email at

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Q1. Why is there a additional fee for High Grass?

A1.  It simply takes additional time, or equipment, to complete the service.  We have four (4) Tier Levels of adjustments that adjust the price based upon the additional work required.  Our Lawn Service estimates do not factor in any additional time for High Grass unless a High Grass Fee is listed in the estimate.

Q2.  What is considered High Grass?

A2.  Generally, grass in excess of 6″ tall in some, or all areas, of the lawn to be serviced.  If the edging and trimming require additional time in excess of a standard service, the High Grass fee may also apply.

Q3. If the grass is high will I be charged the a fee without my approval?

A3. No, not without your prior approval.  You will have the opportunity to pre-approve or decline the fee prior to your service.

Q4. What happens if I don’t pre-approve or I decline the fee prior to service?

A4. If the fee will apply and we do not have your approval, we will attempt to obtain it during the service visit.  If we are unable to obtain prior approval, we will SKIP service and follow up with you.  We offer a process for prior approval as part of our New Client On-board process.

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Invoice Questions:

Q1. How and when will I receive an invoice and payment receipt for services?  

A1. An invoice is generated after completion of services.  Credit Card Payments are processed within 24 hours after service is completed, unless a prepayment condition exists.  After a payment is processed, a credit card payment receipt will emailed.   The invoice, which details the services and payments applied, will follow by email.  If a prepayment condition exists, a receipt will be emailed when the payment is processed and the invoice will be emailed later, after completion of services.

Q2. Why do I receive a Receipt and an Invoice in separate emails?  What is the difference between the two documents?

A2. The Receipt is emailed directly from the credit card processing company.  It provides details regarding the charge to your credit card.  It does not provided information regarding your services.  The Invoice is emailed by Lakehill Lawn accounting and provides detailed information about the specific service provided including the time of completion, the number of man hours or units, service charges, payments or credits applied, and outstanding or credit balances.

Q3. Is there a way to view a history of invoices and payment activity?

A3. Yes, you may view your Account History on the Self Service Client Portal.  Click Here to go to the Client Portal.

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Prepayment and Deposit Questions

Q1. May I prepay for services?  May I prepay in lieu of AutoPay?

A1. Yes, you may prepay, but AutoPay (Credit Card on File) and invoice policies remain unchanged.  Establishment of AutoPay is always required.  You may prepay any amount you would like by using the Self Service Client Portal.   Charges for service will be applied against the Deposit (Credit Balance).  If the deposit has been fully utilized, any additional service charges due will be processed as a credit card charge via AutoPay.  Each invoice transmittal email provided after every invoice is emailed will provide your current balance due or credit position.  You may add additional deposits or request a refund for credit balances at any time.

Q2. When are prepayments or deposits required?

A2. One Time Services from clients that do not have existing recurring services scheduled will require Prepayment.  AutoPay must be established prior to service and a Prepayment/Deposit will be processed for the estimated charges for services and materials.  The Prepayment may be processed up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled service date.  Recurring customers may be required to deposit 100% of estimated material costs and other out of pocket expenses related to One Time Services and 50% of service charges.  Invoices for materials are deemed complete when delivery to the client service location is complete.  In addition, Prepayment Status for recurring clients may be initiated due to Credit Card Failure.  See Credit Card Failure for details.

Q3.  Why do you require prepayments or deposits?

A3.  We only require prepayments and/or deposits in limited situations.  Generally, when we have no prior relationship with a client or we are required to pay for materials prior to delivery to the client, we require prepayment.  In addition, historically, One Time Services for new clients are the most likely to be difficult to collect or written off as noncollectable.  Consequently, we require prepayment to reduce the probability of nonpayment.  We appreciate your understanding.

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Late Payments / Past Due Balance Questions

Q1. When are invoices due or past due?

A1. Invoices are due upon receipt and our billing system will indicate a balance is past due on the first day following the invoice date.

Q2. Do you charge late payment fees?  If so, how much and how often are they charged?

A2. Yes.  A Late Payment Fee of $5 is charged after 15 days and additionally every 30 days thereafter until the account is in a Current status.

Q3. Do you charge interest on outstanding balances?

A3. Yes.  Accounts not paid within 15 days of the date of the invoice are subject to a 1.5% monthly finance charge.

Q4. Are there any other fees associated with non payment or past due accounts?

A4. Yes.  If a past due balance is the result of a failed credit card charge or a returned check, additional fees may apply.  If a balance remains outstanding for more than 90 days, the account may be transferred to collections and a 30% Collection Fee will be charged on the date of transfer.

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Accounts with past due balances will be suspended and additional services will be not be provided until the account is in a current status.  

A returned check will be subject to a $30 returned check fee.

Service Skip Requests are defined as a request to alter the frequency of recurring scheduled service that does not involve the delivery of materials.

Cancellation Requests are defined as a request to alter the scheduled service date or eliminate a One Time or As Requested service. A Cancellation Requests is also defined as any request to alter a project that includes the delivery of materials.

Skip Fees are not charged for Skip Requests, but adjustments to pricing are applied based upon frequency change requests (including Skip requests).

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We notify Clients (usually at the end of the day) when service scheduling is modified due to weather-related events.  We will make every attempt to complete service. Missed services will be rescheduled as weather conditions allow for the resumption of service.  In the event of multi-day or end of the week events, makeup services may extend into weekends. In the event the rescheduled service is declined, it will not be subject to frequency price adjustments, but may be subject to High Grass Fees (See High Grass Fee) if applicable.

Our services are generally scheduled and occur on a specific day of the week.  We provide prior notice of service upon original scheduling of service. We will notify clients prior to any change in day and assume acceptance if we do not receive an objection to the change.

We do not provide a specific time of day appointment or ranges.  Daily work and routes arre scheduled each morning based upon elements such as the number of jobs, type of services, existing resources, route density, weather conditions, etc.  These elements continuously change even as the day progresses, therefore we do not committ to appointments.

We attempt to access all areas of the property scheduled for service.  We will knock on the door to request access before we abandon service. If we are unable to service an area of the lawn due to a locked gate or are unable to access for any reason outside of Lakehill Lawn control, we will provide an Access Notice.  The full service charge will apply for each visit without reduction for the inaccessible areas. The client may request a return to service the inaccessible area and Lakehill Lawn will reschedule service as soon as practicable (generally within 2 business days for Weekly service and 5 business days for Bi-Weekly or One Time service, unless weather conditions impact our schedule).  

In an attempt to avoid these situations, we provide Scheduling Updates and service reminders via email or text.  We also offer the option to provide a Gate Code / Combination for our files. Lack of receipt or Opt Out of the notice will not impact policy terms.

Each client is allowed One (1) return trip requests per season without additional charge.  A $20 return Trip Fee will be charged for excess return requests.

Unserviceable Areas are those defined as an area that is inaccessible, considered unsafe for use of the equipment or our team members.  Examples include areas with significant construction, aggressive animals, littered with trash or debris, running sprinklers or excessively wet or muddy due to excess watering or leakage, etc.  

We will make reasonable efforts to complete service on as much of the area as possible.  For unserviceable areas, we follow policies consistent with the Locked Gate / Other Access Issues – Return to Complete Service Requests item listed in our Service Terms & Conditions.  If the unserviceable area will remain so for an extended period of time (i.e. a construction project) please contact us for arrangements to address this issue and adjust the pricing during the unserviceable period.

Unless otherwise specified in an estimate, our pricing includes mulch cut.  Bagging must be requested and an additional fee charged. Bags will remain on your property for environmental services pick up.  For and additional fee we will remove bagged debris from the property.

Projects that produce debris (Shrub Trim, Bed Clean Out, Grass Clipping Bagging, etc.) will be bagged to the extent possible and left on site for environmental services pick up.  Projects requiring removal of debris from your property will incur a Material Disposal Fee and/or Bag Removal Fee.