Prepayment / Deposit Questions

Prepayment and Deposit Questions

Q1. May I prepay for services?  May I prepay in lieu of AutoPay?

A1. Yes, you may prepay, but AutoPay (Credit Card on File) and invoice policies remain unchanged.  Establishment of AutoPay is always required.  You may prepay any amount you would like by using the Self Service Client Portal.   Charges for service will be applied against the Deposit (Credit Balance).  If the deposit has been fully utilized, any additional service charges due will be processed as a credit card charge via AutoPay.  Each invoice transmittal email provided after every invoice is emailed will provide your current balance due or credit position.  You may add additional deposits or request a refund for credit balances at any time.

Q2. When are prepayments or deposits required?

A2. One Time Services from clients that do not have existing recurring services scheduled will require Prepayment.  AutoPay must be established prior to service and a Prepayment/Deposit will be processed for the estimated charges for services and materials.  The Prepayment may be processed up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled service date.  Recurring customers may be required to deposit 100% of estimated material costs and other out of pocket expenses related to One Time Services and 50% of service charges.  Invoices for materials are deemed complete when delivery to the client service location is complete.  In addition, Prepayment Status for recurring clients may be initiated due to Credit Card Failure.  See Credit Card Failure for details.

Q3.  Why do you require prepayments or deposits?

A3.  We only require prepayments and/or deposits in limited situations.  Generally, when we have no prior relationship with a client or we are required to pay for materials prior to delivery to the client, we require prepayment.  In addition, historically, One Time Services for new clients are the most likely to be difficult to collect or written off as noncollectable.  Consequently, we require prepayment to reduce the probability of nonpayment.  We appreciate your understanding.

Q4. What happens if I prepay and cancel service prior to completion of services or delivery of materials?

A4. We refund your prepayment for services.  If we have not delivered materials to the service location, we will provide a full refund for the materials.  If we have delivered the materials, we will refund the full price charged for materials, reduced for our time (at standard hour rates in effect) for delivery and return of materials.

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