Credit Card Fail Policy

Q1.  What happens if my credit card is declined after service is completed?

A1.  You will receive a Credit Card Failure email notice via email.  The email will provide a link to update your credit card information.  The Client Portal is available 24/7 to maintain your card information.

Q2. Is there a fee for credit card failure?

A2. Not if a valid replacement is updated and the outstanding balance is cleared within seven (2) days of the failure.  After 2 days, a $5 Fee is charged.

Q3. What are the consequences if I am unable to update my credit card?

A3. If a valid credit card is not on file, we will be unable to continue service and applicable credit card failure fees, late fees, and interest will apply to outstanding balances.  If you are unable to provide a replacement card, you may arrange an alternate payment method by contacting us via email at

Credit Card Fail Policy Information

A credit card charge failure that is not replaced with a valid payment transaction or updated credit card information within (2) days will be subject to a $5 fee for each occurrence.  If two or more credit card failures occur during a single calendar year, the account will be subject to Prepayment Status for services.  Accounts in Prepayment Status may be charged 24 hours in advance of each scheduled service.

Consistent with our Outstanding Balance Policy, if an account has an unpaid outstanding balance, we will be unable to provide additional services until the account is in a current status.  Outstanding Balances will also be subject to Late Fees in accordance with our Late Fee Policy.

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