High Grass Fee

Q1. Why is there a additional fee for High Grass?

A1.  It simply takes additional time, or equipment, to complete the service.  We have four (4) Tier Levels of adjustments that adjust the price based upon the additional work required.  Our Lawn Service estimates do not factor in any additional time for High Grass unless a High Grass Fee is listed in the estimate.

Q2.  What is considered High Grass?

A2.  Generally, grass in excess of 6″ tall in some, or all areas, of the lawn to be serviced.  If the edging and trimming require additional time in excess of a standard service, the High Grass fee may also apply.

Q3. If the grass is high will I be charged the a fee without my approval?

A3. No, not without your prior approval.  You will have the opportunity to pre-approve or decline the fee prior to your service.

Q4. What happens if I don’t pre-approve or I decline the fee prior to service?

A4. If the fee will apply and we do not have your approval, we will attempt to obtain it during the service visit.  If we are unable to obtain prior approval, we will SKIP service and follow up with you.  We offer a process for prior approval as part of our New Client On-board process.

High Grass Discussion / Tier Levels

Our standard pricing does not assume the lawn has High Grass or include charges for High Grass Fees.  High Grass is generally defined as the majority of the blades of grass are in excess of six inches high or the lawn requires excess edging and/or string trimming (multiple service rounds).  We generally utilize online satellite measuring tools which use overhead images of the lawn.  We do not visit the property to inspect the condition of the lawn and rely upon self-reporting as part of the estimate process.

In the event High Grass Fees will apply, we have five (5) Tiers of Service and Prior Approval Levels as follows:

Tier 1 – 25% Fee – Modest High Grass or Excess Trimming/Edging.  Generally, Tier 1 applies to lawns that need a partial double cut and/or lawns that need additional attention on edging/trimming.  This situation is common when lawns have been regularly mowed, but not edged/trimmed. 

Tier 2 – 50% Fee – The lawn needs a “Double Cut”.  A Double Cut includes a first cut to reduce the length and a second lower cut (at a different direction-vertical/horizontal) to provide a clean finish.  It may also include a lawn with major excessive edging/trimming.

Tier 3 – 100% Fee – The lawn needs a “Triple Cut”.  A Triple Cut has two (2) cuts to reduce the length and one finishing cut.  It is generally required when the lawn is around 12” high.

Tier 4 – Hourly Rates – The lawn is very high and a Triple Cut is not estimated to be sufficient.

Tier 5 – Declined – You may Decline Prior Approval of High Grass Fees.  If prior approval is declined and high grass conditions exist when we make our service visit, we will be unable to complete the service and will SKIP/CANCEL.  If a a re-visit is requested to complete service, a $15 Trip Fee will be charged in addition to the applicable High Grass Fee.

How High Grass Service Tier Level is Determined

Tier 1 thru Tier 4 – During each service visit we will review the lawn prior to service and determine if a High Grass Service is required and the expected Tier.  If we have prior approval for the expected Tier level, we will complete service.  If we determine that we do not have sufficient prior approval, we will attempt to obtain approval on site.  If we are unable to obtain approval, we SKIP.  Approved services will be rescheduled.  If approval is denied or we are unable to secure approval, the service will be Suspended until approval is granted.  

Self Reporting / Prior Approval

An email will be sent as part of the New Client On Board process to report High Grass and select or decline a pre-approved High Grass Fee Tier Level.  If we are not notified of High Grass and during our initial service attempt, it is determined that a Tier 2, 3 or 4 situation exists, a $15 Trip Fee may apply for a revisit in addition to the applicable High Grass Fee.

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