Invoice Questions:

Q1. How and when will I receive an invoice and payment receipt for services?  

A1. An invoice is generated after completion of services.  Credit Card Payments are processed within 24 hours after service is completed, unless a prepayment condition exists.  After a payment is processed, a credit card payment receipt will emailed.   The invoice, which details the services and payments applied, will follow by email.  If a prepayment condition exists, a receipt will be emailed when the payment is processed and the invoice will be emailed later, after completion of services.

Q2. Why do I receive a Receipt and an Invoice in separate emails?  What is the difference between the two documents?

A2. The Receipt is emailed directly from the credit card processing company.  It provides details regarding the charge to your credit card.  It does not provided information regarding your services.  The Invoice is emailed by Lakehill Lawn accounting and provides detailed information about the specific service provided including the time of completion, the number of man hours or units, service charges, payments or credits applied, and outstanding or credit balances.

Q3. Is there a way to view a history of invoices and payment activity?

A3. Yes, you may view your Account History on the Self Service Client Portal.  Click Here to go to the Client Portal.

Invoice Discussion:

Invoices are emailed after completion of a service visit, project, work order or any other item that results in a charge upon completion of the work or any other condition resulting in a fee or charge.  Accounts approved for AutoPay by credit or debit card will be charged subsequent to processing of the invoice for services completed or in advance of service completion for any Deposits or Prepayments required.

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