Leaf Removal

    Service Features:

  • Leaf & Small Debris Collection
  • Bagged & Placed for Pickup
  • Qualified for Environmental Services Pickup
  • Offsite Removal Available


Leaf Removal Service is the collection and removal of leaves from the lawn turf area.  First, we blow leaves from flower beds, walkways, curb and patio into the lawn.  Our team uses power blowers, leaf vacuums, debris removers, and hand rakes for efficient collection.  Next, we bag material into 30-gallon paper leaf bags.  Then, we place the bags near trash containers for Environmental Services pickup.  Alternatively, offsite removal is available for an additional waste disposal fee.  Finally, we clear hardscapes of debris with blowers to complete the project.


Leaf Removal is a time based service and charges are actual man hours at standard rates.  We must review your property to provide a price estimate.


Please CLICK HERE to complete our Leaf Removal Estimate Request Form.


With your purchase, you gain 24/7 access to the Client Service Portal.  The Portal provides a history of our services provided.  Additionally, the Client Portal allows payment processing and is available for you to report service issues.

Note:  See our Service Terms and Conditions page for additional information.

Product Notes:
Bed Clean Service is best to remove heavily compacted or decomposed leaves in beds and shrubs.  Dethatch Service is best to remove compacted or decomposed leaf debris in the lawn.  However, Leaf Removal is not intended to address these items.

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